Sherri Fischhaber, owner of FPR, Ltd. (Fischhaber Physician Recruiting) and Publisher of The Physician Referral Handbook in Toledo and Surrounding Areas runs both businesses out of her home. She has been recruiting physicians for the past 20 years.
FPR, Ltd. purchased the Physician Referral Handbook in 2001 and has worked very hard to improve the quality of the book many of you call their "bible". Sherri believes in hand delivering a majority of the books and looks forward to seeing you every May when the book comes out.


Why is the Physician Referral Handbook the best choice? The Physician Referral Handbook:

  • Has been in the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan Medical Region since 1979. The publication started as just a simple 10-page phone directory that was distributed primarily to physician offices. The book has gone through many changes since that time and is now read by over 10,000 medical professionals and medically related businesses and services in our area, every single day.

  • FPR, Ltd. took over The Physician Referral Handbook in 2001. Some may recall when there were two separate books (a main book and a fax book). FPR, Ltd. combined both books into one and lowered the price. Our main goal is to provide a quality product with the most up to date information available for the medical community.

  • Lists physicians (approximately 3800), physician assistants, nurse practitioners, podiatrists, chiropractors, optometrists, psychologists, physical therapists and midwives. The book also lists hospitals (including department listings), clinics, pharmacies, mental health agencies, urgent care clinics, subacute care centers, home health care services, home infusion therapy, medical equipment supply and repair, medical testing labs, ambulance/ambulette services, handicap mobility aids. We are adding five new sections this year including: dialysis centers, audiology, massage therapy, staffing and transcription.

  • A complete medical guide for Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan . We also offer mailing labels and a data disc based on the information in the book. The book is an annual publication printed every April and available in May. Your suggestions, comments an edit changes for the book are greatly appreciated!

  • Includes a Master List of Physicians and Group Practices by Specialty to provide cross referencing to locate unfamiliar practitioners or practices.